Oneway #2MT Live Center
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Oneway #2MT Live Center

Item #: ON2064

Product Description

Designed specifically for the wood turner with accessories included to suit most applications. They have a threaded, rotating, cup centre. This cup center is the only component which rotates. This feature contributes to a safer working envirnment. The unique, threaded cup centre gives several advantages to the wood turner. First, the full point and reversible bull nose cones can be easily attached and removed. Second, if turning outside the capacity of the provided cone, a user specific support can be made by drilling a hole in a blank, attaching it to the live centre and turning it to suit your requirements.

Two good quality bearings mounted in tandem and greased for life will give good play free performance and minimum vibration when turning.

The body is precision machined from premium allow steel, then heat treated, ground, and electroless nickel plated. These processes give strength, accuracy and rust protection. The core is also made from high strength steel, then heattreated and ground.

Thread size 3/4" - 10 TPI


  • Center point
  • Bull nose cone
  • Full point cone
  • Knock out rod

GTIN:  883111020644


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