Finishing Flapwheels 2"

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Our Finishing Flapwheels will put a glass-smooth finish on most small parts and internal or external portions of turned bowls. Whether finishing flat, round, or slightly contoured parts, you have never seen a more delicate sanding tool. Intermixed with abrasive flaps are flaps of nonwoven nylon with fine grits impregnated in them. These nylon flaps make the wheel softer while also making it less aggressive.

Remember, these are for finishing only and each grit will act finer than it really is. Example: a 100 grit will act like a 150 or 180 grit.

Use with any 1/4" tool. Try one of these when you need a perfectly smooth finish.


Max RPM: 12,000
  • Spindle Mounted
  • 2"dia x 1" width x 1/4" spindle
  • Sold individually
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