Wood Conditioner 1/2pt
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Wood Conditioner 1/2 Pint

Item #: VR12844

Product Description

Stain applied to soft and porous woods woods such as pine, maple, alder, fir and birch can result in a splotchy or uneven appearance of the color. Softer areas absorb pigmented stain more readily than harder areas, making the soft spots darker.

To help prevent this, use Varathane Oil-Based Premium Wood Conditioner prior to staining. This advanced, high-solids formula penetrates deeply into the wood, which results in more even color and greater stain control.

To determine if the wood species you are using requires a wood conditioner, press your thumbnail into an inconspicuous area of the wood. If you leave a dent, the wood should be conditioned before staining. If you are uncertain whether the wood is soft, use a wood conditioner.

GTIN:  020066128449


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