Pen Mill Pilot / 10mm Bit
Pen Mill Pilot / 10mm Bit Image

Klingspor Router Bits, 10mm Pen Mill Pilot Bit

Item #: W9100-358

Product Description

Proudly made in the USA, the Klingspor Pen Mill Set features a sharp, 3/4" diameter carbide tipped trimmer head for squaring blanks and pilot shafts that clean excess glue from inside the brass tubes. One step in quality pen turning, is squaring the ends of your pen blanks to provide a perfect, no gap mating surface for the pen kit parts. Our exclusive 6-piece set includes - 3/4"diameter carbide tipped trimmer head, hex key and pilot shafts for some of our popular pen kits, 7mm, Letter "O" or 8mm, 10mm and 27/64". Additional pilot shafts are in-stock and can be used in conjunction with this kit.

Goes with Item # W9105 Pen Mill Set.


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