Pen Mandrel Saver #2MT
Pen Mandrel Saver #2MT Image

Pen Mandrel Saver #2MT

Item #: XR80015

Product Description

This is a fail-safe live center accessory for pen turners. Mandrels usually bend when you tighten the tailstock center point into the end indentation of your mandrel. This system solves that problem because your mandrel shaft goes through the hollow live center. The pen bushings press against the center with zero pressure on the mandrel shaft. The tube and bushing assembly tightens up by turning your tailstock quill adjustment wheel. This is great for beginners and professionals. This is the perfect pen turning accessory, whether you are turning a full pen or a bottle stopper.


  • No need for extra spacer bushing as the system adapts to the length of your project
  • No need for the knurled nut that sometimes gets lost, misplaced or stripped
  • Adapts to nearly every mandrel on the market with a shaft diameter of .245" or smaller
  • Made from quality materials for years of service
  • Won't bend pen mandrels like traditional live centers

GTIN:  718122017607

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