3pc Feather Board Push Stick & Block
3pc Feather Board Push Stick & Block Image

3pc Feather Board Push Stick & Block

Item #: BH10225

Product Description

Includes a deluxe featherboard, a push stick, and a push block. These work well with table saws, shapers, router tables, joiners, etc.

  1. Push Stick is designed for controlling stock when limited space is available. Keeps hands out of the way for maximum safety. Excellent when ripping with the table saw.
  2. Deluxe Featherboard keeps stock up against the fence on table saws, shapers, router tables, etc. Fits standard miter slot.
  3. Excellent safety item for holding stock down and pushing it through. Special rubber sole grips wood firmly. Great for joiner, router table or table saw.


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