Galahad CG Disc 4-1/2" Round & Flat 2pk
Galahad CG Disc 4-1/2

Galahad CG Disc 4-1/2" Round & Flat 2pk

Item #: KX11026

Product Description

Includes both the Galahad CG - Round and the Galahad CG - Flat.

Tungsten Carbide Shaping Disc A quality made, long lasting tungsten carbide disc for the home and Do-It-Yourself market. This tools' many uses are only limited by your imagination! For general jobs around the house, nothing shapes wood better. Anytime you need to get a final shape, whether flat or contoured, Galahad CG®√ discs are your answer. These tools feature patented, randomly spaced, tungsten carbide crushed grits that move effortlessly with or against the grain on all types of wood. The sharp, long wearing grits provide superior surface removal with a very smooth action, making Galahad CG® very easy to control.