Veritas Double Flush Cut Saw
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Veritas Double Flush Cut Saw

Item #: VT53601

Product Description

Traditionally used for the rapid trimming of plugs and dowels flush with a surface, our flush-cutting saws can be used anywhere that you want to cut off a projection without damaging the surrounding or adjoining face. This is possible because the teeth are set one way only. The 22 tpi Japanese-style tooth pattern cuts aggressively (on the pull stroke), but does not mark the surface that it is cutting next to. The thin blade is flex-able and can be pressed flush to any surface, yet is rigid enough for good control. The saw is available with teeth cut on only one edge or in a double-edged style that cuts only one edge or in either direction. Each is about 11- 1/2" long with 4-3/4" of blade. These work like a charm. Patented.


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