SMT624DT Titan 40 Grit 4.5" Flap Disc

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With 3 new design changes, the TITAN flap discs will be your favorite tools for metal grinding and finishing.

  • Quick and easy attachment of the disc with the built-in 5/8"-11 threaded center - no tools necessary and no mounting nut necessary - simply spin it on!
  • Increased available use of the disc. The backing is "trimmable" allowing more use of the grinding surface as the flaps naturally wear more near the edges.
  • A unique fan-like center creates airflow that keeps the disc and the work surface cooler

With versions available that cover the gambit of aggression (stock removal), blending, and even final finishing, you'll find a TITAN that fits your needs.


  • SMT 624 TITAN Angled
  • 4-1/2" x 5/8"-11"
  • 40 grit
  • Alumina Zirconia
  • High level of aggression
  • Well suited for use on high-powered grinders
  • Angled for effective grinding of welds, contoured surfaces, & edges
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