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Catalog Cover - Volume 187

Catalog Cover - Volume 187

Posted by Klingspor's Woodworking Shop on Oct 1st 2021

On the Cover

Klingspors Woodworking Shop Catalog Volume 187

Epoxy Table made by Harrison Spires

From page 2 of Catalog, Volume 187

My name is Harrison Spires, I have been woodworking for 7 years. Both of my grandfathers were woodworkers. Spending time with them building small projects fueled my passion for woodworking. My hobby turned into a business and I love building something that will last for generations and truly is one of a kind. The wood for this table came from a maple tree here in Hickory. The tree had fallen during a storm and with the help of my father I was able to salvage a few slabs. I used the Amana Slab Flattening bit to flatten the top and bottom.  Klingspor GreenTec sandpaper worked phenomenally well for sanding the epoxy and the PS33 is the best sandpaper I have used for any wood application. I sprayed Bullseye Shellac Clear and General Finishes Enduro for the top coat.