Box Of Rags White 5lb

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  • Box Of Rags White 5lb
  • Box Of Rags White 5lb
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This is a box cram-packed full with 5 pounds of the softest, whitest cloths. They have been prewashed so they're lint-free, clean and free of any contaminants. It's hard to even call these rags - fine clothing could be made out of this stuff! You'll find that applying oils, stains, polishes and rubbing lacquers and varnishes with these cloths will be one of the easiest ways to get the finish on your project. Plus, your work will look better, feel better and come out like you've always hoped it could. Every shop and garage should have a box of these as well as whoever dusts and polishes your furniture around the house. Every piece is of a generous size and can be cut into smaller pieces to make the box go even further. Make your finishing and clean-up as hassle-free as possible...order your Box of Rags today!

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