King Arthur's Guinevere Total Sanding System

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The complete system - Guinevere Motor, Flexible Shaft with chuck and Total Sanding Kit - 5 inflatable sanders with sleeves for each in every grit, includes hand pump and cleaning stick.

Total Sanding System Includes:

  • Guinevere Sanding Motor
  • Flexible Shaft with chuck
  • Hand Pump
  • Cleaning Stick
  • Inflatable Round Sander, Coarse Sleeve 60 grit, Medium Sleeve 120 grit, Fine Sleeve 180 grit, Extra Fine Sleeve 320 grit
  • Inflatable Drum Sander, Coarse Sleeve 80 grit, Medium Sleeve 150 grit, Fine Sleeve 220 grit Extra Fine Sleeve 320 grit
  • Guinevere Small Sander, Small Sleeve Coarse 80 grit, Small Sleeves Medium 150 grit, Small Sleeves Fine 220 grit, Small Sleeves Extra Fine 320 grit
  • Drum Sander Long, Long Sleeves Coarse 80 grit, Long Sleeves Medium 150 grit, Long Sleeve Fine 220 grit, Long Sleeve Extra Fine 320 grit
  • Small Round Sander, Small Round Coarse 80 grit Sleeves, Small Round Medium 150 grit Sleeve, Small Round Xtra Fine 320 grit Sleeves
  • Allen Key for Sanders
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