Kutzall 6" Half-Round Rasp / Coarse

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  • Kutzall 6 Inch Half-Round Rasp / Coarse
  • Kutzall 6" Half-Round Rasp / Coarse
  • Kutzall 6" Half-Round Rasp / Coarse


The Half-Round Rasp, of course, is a versatility specialist. With the combination of a rounded side for concave surfaces, edges and holes, & a flat side for quick leveling and rounding over, you'll find this rasp will come through for you in just about any situation.

Their multidirectional cutting ability allows you to quickly remove material in even the most confined spaces. Like all Kutzall Rasps, they have an ergonomic soft grip for added comfort and ease of control.

Kutzall Half-Round Rasps are available in two very convenient sizes of 6" and 8", to best suit a wide range of jobs or projects. Plus, you have a choice of two coating types (Original & Grit), each offered in both fine and coarse.

Coarse | 6" (152.4mm)

  • Versatile -Use on wood, soft stone, fiberglass, polyurethane, foam, etc.
  • Handy -Multidirectional cutting; great for confined spaces
  • User-acclaimed Handle -Integral soft grip for ergonomic comfort
  • Long Lasting -Carbide coating outlasts standard rasps many times over
  • Equally comfortable and functional for right or left-handed users
  • Perfect hybrid of excellent cutting ability and smooth surface finish

Kutzall tools require little maintenance, but if you happen to get gooey material "loaded" in the teeth, easily clean the tool with one of these methods:
Burning (for wood): The heat won't harm the wood! Pass the flame from a propane of butane torch over the clogged-up area. Now remove the charred residue with a fine wire brush. Inspect for damaged teeth, and carve on!
Soaking (for wood, plastic, soft stone, etc.): Immerse the tool in a can or jar of solvent (don't immerse Hand Rasp handles). When the material has softened, brush out with fine wire brush. Dry off the solvent, inspect for damaged teeth, and carve on!

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