Milescraft Signcrafter Sign Making

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Time-Tested, User-Proven, Technique Standard Tool for Creating Professional Grade Routed Signs
Create custom wood-engraved signs with the SignCrafter. This kit includes two sets of letter and number templates-along with additional copies of A, E, and I-that are traced with a router to make custom wood signage. The self-spacing 2-1/2" horizontal characters fit into the 36" adjustable clamping system without having to make any measurements-just affix the character templates and start routing for uniformly spaced letters and numbers. With TurnLock™ as an integral feature on the Base Plate, bushing exchange is tool-free, hardware-free, and takes only seconds.

Features & Benefits:
  • 7" TurnLock™ base plate fits most popular routers
  • Includes everything needed to begin making signs-just add your router and wood
  • Easily assembles in minutes
  • The four 18" rails join together to allow you to make signs up to 36" in length
  • 2 low-profile C-clamps securely hold the workpiece without obstructing the router
  • The bushing guides you through the templates to create great-looking signs; the metal nose guide bushing provides long-lasting durability
  • Rails lay flat on work surface so there is no bowing from the weight of the router
  • TurnLock™ base plate allows you to change your bushing size quickly with no tools needed
  • Self-spacing 2-1/2" horizontal character templates
    • Set includes 1 each A to Z plus one additional A, E, and I
    • Set includes 1 each 0 to 9
    • Set includes 1 each period and quotation mark
    • Two sets included
  • One 3/8" carbide tipped router bit
  • One 5/8" metal nose bushing
  • Two 18" metal rails with joiners
  • Two end caps
  • Two low profile C-clamps, to permit easy passage of the router
  • 7" TurnLock™ base plate with 4 mounting screws
  • 1/4" and 1/2" Centering pin
Rails can be custom cut to length
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