Multi-6" Sander Sampler Pack 50pk

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  • Multi-6" Sander Sampler Pack 50pk
  • Multi-6" Sander Sampler Pack 50pk
  • Multi-6" Sander Sampler Pack 50pk
  • Multi-6" Sander Sampler Pack 50pk
  • Multi-6" Sander Sampler Pack 50pk
  • Multi-6" Sander Sampler Pack 50pk
  • Multi-6" Sander Sampler Pack 50pk
  • Multi-6" Sander Sampler Pack 50pk
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Here is the perfect sampler pack for you to try a few of our most popular materials and SAVE MONEY while you are at it.

  • 50 pack
  • 6" x 15 hole (Klingnet is 6" no hole)
  • Hook & Loop

Includes 5 of each grit below:

  • GreenTec 100 grit
  • GreenTec 120 grit
  • Stearate Aluminum Oxide 150 grit
  • Stearate Aluminum Oxide 180 grit
  • Klingnet 6" no hole 220 grit
  • GreenTec 320 grit
  • GreenTec 400 grit
  • GreenTec 600 grit

About the materials:

KLINGSPOR's AZ-PLUS combines the superior strength of Alumina Zirconia abrasive grains, the leveling properties of C and D weight paper backing, and a great stearate additive that prevents loading and clogging into one fabulous product. You'll appreciate this combination when sanding bare wood and when sanding sealer coats. Even with the aggressiveness of the grains, AZ-PLUS offers a very consistent finish and will stay sharper longer without loading. The Alumina Zirconia grains work great for dimensioning of wood, the grinding of stainless steel and other hard steels, the sanding of body fillers, and other hard to sand materials. This material is a premium fully resin bonded product.

Klingspor Abrasives' new GreenTec sanding discs are a revolution in abrasives. Development focused on industry needs, especially in high loading situations. The new T-ACT coating gives you more grain exposure, reduced heat build-up and substantially less loading than traditional Stearated abrasives. This means longer life, cooler operating temperatures for sensitive coatings like epoxies and eliminates issues for between coats of finish. Applications where GreenTec will standout are Marine, Automotive, Bare Wood, Solid Surface, Aircraft and Specialty Coatings industries. Try the new GreenTec today!

Stearate Aluminum Oxide - These discs are PERFECT all around sanding disc. Great for sanding where loading is a problem. They are highly recommended for bare wood sanding and autobody use. Other applications include sanding of bare metal, primer, primer surfacer, between coats of paint and on solid surface countertops.

The Klingnet from KLINGSPOR is a strong net or mesh type material offering excellent results when sanding bare wood, plywood, veneer, and wood finishes like lacquer and varnish. It's open structure allows dust to be collected much easier because it simply flows directly through the actual disc itself. This is an extremely durable aluminum oxide product that resists edge wear and offers an excellent service life.

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