Chroma-Gilt Verdigris .74oz
Chroma-Gilt Verdigris .74oz Image

Chroma-Gilt Verdigris .74oz

Item #: CG21665

Product Description

Verdigris | .74oz

Chroma-Gilt™ is a polymer-based metallic effect paste used for decorating a variety of substrates, especially wood, metal, leather, and ceramics. It is part of the Nick Agar Signature Series of products. The smooth non-wax formulation is specially designed for lightly rubbing onto the substrate to provide a brilliant metallic effect. For best results, finish with our Clear Acrylic Spray Lacquer for enhanced gloss and protection.

Chroma-Gilt™ is specially designed for maximum coverage on embellished or smooth surfaces. It has a very smooth consistency which allows the Chroma-Gilt™ to be lightly rubbed onto the top portion of embellished surfaces without filling the texture. This is a necessity, for example, when coating the Viking Silver onto a Nick Agar Sunset Bowl™ allowing the recesses of the embellishment to stay black and the surface to have the metallic look.

It contains real metal pigments for the most realistic metallic finish available. The Verdigris color provides a realistic patina for copper and brass colors.


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