Jet 16-32 Drum Sander Kit JWDS-1632
    Jet 16-32 Drum Sander Kit JWDS-1632 Image
    Jet 16-32 Drum Sander Kit JWDS-1632 Image
    Jet 16-32 Drum Sander Kit JWDS-1632 Image
    Jet 16-32 Drum Sander Kit JWDS-1632 Image

Jet 16-32 Drum Sander Kit JWDS-1632

$1,034.99 $1,149.99
Item #: DS723520K

Product Description

Special freight is $150.00 for the DS723520K

Introducing the newly redesigned 16-32 Drum Sander from JET. The innovative tool-less parallelism system keeps adjustments simple. The worktable is easily positioned by a turn of the parallelism dial. The variable-speed rate permits you to choose the optimal feed rate for a full range of projects, while the Sandsmart™ feature continuously monitors the load on the drum motor to prevent an overload situation. The mirrored design of the dust hood optimizes dust collection preventing chips and dust from getting between your work-piece and the finish. The JET 1632 Drum Sander delivers everything you need for an effortless finish.

  • Sandsmart™ control continuously monitors the load on the drum motor and automatically regulates the speed of the conveyor motor to maintain the highest feed rate without overload
  • Conveyor bed parallelism is easily adjusted by turning the dial on the outside of the bed - no tools required
  • Parallelism adjust dial features a stop to quickly return the conveyor bed to a flat position
  • Dust hood includes an integrated channel that mirrors the shape of the drum and directs chips and dust to the 4" collection port
  • Precision-machined and dynamically balanced extruded aluminum drum is designed to dissipate heat and protect the work surface from heat-damage
  • Die cast drum carriage design is optimized for rigidity to provide years of consistent quality
  • Precision-flattened reinforced steel conveyor bed
  • Redesigned conveyor system pulls the workpiece through the sander instead of pushing
  • One rotation of the top-position handwheel adjusts the drum height by 1/16"
  • The relative depth scale on the handwheel allows the user to reset and measure the depth for every project
  • Infinitely variable speed control of up to 10 feet per minute allows the user to choose the optimal feed rate
  • Toolless abrasive take-up clips make changing abrasives quick and easy
  • Snipe is virtually eliminated thanks to the adjustable tension rollers that apply downward pressure to the workpiece
  • Separate feed and drum motors provide independent control, optimizing the performance of the sander
  • Conveyor belt TRACKERS™ reduce the need for manual belt adjustments
  • Integrated on/off switch and variable speed control knob are conveniently located
  • Stand features a 20" x 37" footprint to increase stability and has a storage shelf and pre-drilled holes for casters
  • Drum is easily removable
  • Drum utilizes sealed and permanently lubricated ball bearings for longer life

  • Style (Type): Open Stand
  • Drum length: 16"
  • Drum speed (RPM): 1720
  • Drum diameter: 5"
  • Drum bearing diameter: 1"
  • Conveyor motor: 43 in.-lbs. torque, direct drive, dc
  • Conveyor speed (FPM): 0 - 10
  • Maximum board thickness: 3"
  • Maximum board width: 32" (two passes)
  • Minimum board length: 2-3/8"
  • Minimum board thickness: 1/32"
  • Dust collection minimum CFM required (CFM): 400
  • Dust port outside diameter: 4"
  • Motor power (HP): 1-1/2
  • Motor phase (PH): 1
  • Motor voltage (V): 115
  • Motor amps: 14



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