Nova Viking 16" DVR Bench Drill Press
    Nova Viking 16
    Nova Viking 16
    Nova Viking 16
    Nova Viking 16
    Nova Viking 16
    Nova Viking 16
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Nova Viking 16" DVR Bench Drill Press

Item #: DS83700

Product Description

Special freight is $125.00 for the DS83700

This item is on backorder until mid-July 2020.

The NOVA Viking DVR 16" Benchtop drill press is NOVA's newest addition to the NOVA DVR Drill Press Family.

It features simplified menus, larger icons, built in LEDs and Lasers. The DVR technology continues to bring unrepresented functionality and power to your DP, with unrivaled torque and smoothness in this category. Capable of drilling wood, metals plastics and glass. (Metals, plastics and glass may require a specialty table).

The new NOVA Viking 16" DVR DP includes laser alignment, LED lit workable and larger, more simplified menus and screen.


  • Direct Drive Power and Consistent Torque - Motor delivers correct speed, and power to maintain optimal torque direct to the drill head,across the entire speed range. No belts or pulleys to cause vibration or power loss.
  • Smart Digital Motor - Smart sensors interacting in a number of ways - safety, intelligence workshop assist, and performance
  • Built in Laser and Light - Quickly locate center position with the cross hairs. Laser stays aligned even when table is moved or tilted, and the DVR low/no vibration performance means laser won't move in operation. Two powerful LED lights to keep your project well lit.
  • Cast Iron Woodworking Table - Maximum flexibility and options for you. Solid Cast Iron for maximum stability. Woodworking design to provide maximum clamping and accessory options. 12-2/3" x 12-2/3" (320mm x 320mm) Tilting and Rotating
  • Electric Variable Speed - 150 - 3,000 RPM (programmable to 6,000 RPM) Versatile for a variety of projects - Large deep hole drilling, mortising, high speed sanding.
  • Display - Large, easy to read display with choice of units in decimal, fractions and metric. Easy to switch between modes.
  • Forward and Reverse - For LH drill bits, gives the owner more flexibility for projects.
  • Electric Depth Stop - Quickly and accurately automatically stops to the precise depth you program for your project.
  • Self-Start - Enables a one-handed drilling operation by automatically turning on and off.
  • Split Motor (Exposed) - Easy access to motor. Much easier to get serviced for both customers and dealers.
  • Braking - E-stop
  • No Belts and Pulleys - Direct Drive. No belts and pulleys to change. Ultimate smooth operation.


  • Swing: 16"
  • Stroke: 4.5"
  • Spindle to table: 12-2/3" (320mm)
  • Spindle to base: 22-2/3" (575mm)
  • Drill chuck: 5/8" (1-16mm)
  • Spindle taper: 2MT
  • Quill: 4.5" of quill travel in just 1-1/4" revolutions of the handle, which allows for far greater accuracy
  • Motor: 1HP DVR Direct Drive Smart Motor, 110-220V, 50Hz/60Hz, Max 15A

Standard Equipment

  • NOVA DVR Motor
  • Woodworking Table
  • Drill Chuck 5/8" (1-16mm)
  • Fastenings and wrenches
  • Manual



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