Klingspor Ply / Laminate 300MM Blade
    Klingspor Ply / Laminate 300MM Blade Image
    Klingspor Ply / Laminate 300MM Blade Image

Klingspor's Plywood/Laminate Blade, 300mm (12") x 72 Teeth, 30mm Bore

Item #: KA12723

Product Description

KLINGSPOR's new blade line consists of value-priced, industrial-quality circular saw blades for cabinet shops, professional woodworkers and discerning hobbyists. Manufactured in Germany, these blades are laser cut from virgin steel, flattened, ground, tensioned and tipped with large, European-style carbide tips. These tips are ground for smooth, accurate cutting. Every step of the manufacturing process is computer-controlled and monitored by sophisticated inspection equipment assuring consistently "tight" tolerances and superior quality. KLINGSPOR blades will deliver excellent performance and outstanding value!

These blades are specifically designed for clean cuts in plywood and single-sided laminates. The greater number of teeth, triple-chip grind and 10° hook angle provide an excellent balance between feed resistance and finish. This leaves a clean finish on the top side of the plywood or plastic laminate materials.

WARNING: Not recommended for cutting non-ferrous alloys and melamine.


Diameter: 300mm
Teeth: 72
Kerf: 3.2mm / .126"
Plate: 2.2mm / .087"
Hook angle: 10°
Bore: 30mm
Pin-Hole: 30mm bore accepts pin-hole arrangements of: 2/10/60, 2/7/42 & 2/9/46.
Materials: Plywood: Excellent, Laminate: Excellent, MDF: Excellent, Chipboard: Excellent, Crosscut: Fair
TC Grind: Followed by falt raker / Plastic Laminate Single Sided / Plywood



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