Painter's Pyramid (10PK)
    Painter's Pyramid (10PK) Image
    Painter's Pyramid (10PK) Image

Painter's Pyramid® Project and Finishing Helpers 10pk

Item #: PY10000

Product Description

Painter Easier

Paint Smarter

Paint without the Wait!

Product Overview:

The Painter's Pyramid® is a durable and versatile tool that securely elevates your project off the work surface so you can save time, save effort and improve results on many woodworking projects.

  • Save Time- No more waiting over night for finishes and glues to dry. Complete projects in one session. Finish all sides of your project. Just apply finish, flip and apply finishes to the other side.
  • Save Effort- Eliminate time consuming setup and messy clean up by competing projects in one session. Also reduces mess and subsequent clean-up of work surface.
  • Improve Results- Better access to the edges ensures cleaner results and eliminates the problem of the project sticking to the work surface (tarp, newspaper, etc...). Additionally, the Pyramids provide clearance for clamps while cases are glued.

How It Works:

Its rounded, non-stick point makes only minimal contact with the object being painted so touch-ups aren t required.

  • Minimizing the touch point with the object being painted
  • Being formulated of a high density polymer that paints, stains and many glues do not adhere to
  • Having the versatility to handle heavy objects (up to 200 lbs)

Common Uses:

Many woodworkers and painters dramatically reduce project times by using the Painter s Pyramid®. Popular uses for the Painter s Pyramid include stripping, prepping and finishing. Additionally, the Painter's Pyramid is great when assembling and gluing many woodworking projects.

Product Benefits:

  1. Efficient
    • Complete shelves and other two-sided painting projects in one session
    • Easy to store (lightweight and stackable)
    • Less mess and cleanup
  2. Superior Results
    • Minimal contact point requires no touch-up
    • Nonstick material is impermeable to paint and solvents
    • Rounded tip will not penetrate object being painted
  3. Versatile
    • Attaches easily to sawhorses and work tables
    • Works with all types of paints and stains
    • Holds up to 200lbs (the weight of a solid mahogany entrance door)

GTIN:  895241001257


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