The New Bandsaw Box Book
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The New Bandsaw Box Book

Item #: SN11327

Product Description

Techniques and Patterns for the Modern Woodworker

A Modern Spin on a Classic Project

Requiring little material and offering lots of challenges, the wooden box is on the short list of fun and satisfying woodworking projects. In The New Bandsaw Box Book, David Picciuto, a.k.a. The Drunken Woodworker for his irreverent style, presents his spin on this classic project with a collection of stylish boxes to make with your trusty bandsaw.

The New Bandsaw Box Book features:
  • Eight easy-to-make boxes using beautiful, but everyday wood
  • A clean step-by-step format that gets to the point
  • Handy tool lists and printable templates
  • Helpful tips and techniques that guarantee success
  • Beer ideas to "raise your glass" and reflect on your completed box
  • A gallery of bandsaw boxes by fellow woodworkers

  • ISBN: 978-1-940611-32-7
  • Pages: 120
  • Paperback
  • Author: David Picciuto

  • Introduction
  • Tennessee
  • St. Louis
  • Trinidad
  • Florence
  • Chicago
  • Milan
  • Gallery
  • Index



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