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Submitted by Al Vitale NEW

Ambrosia Maple bowl.

Submitted by Michael Edwards

Michael is a Cary store customer. This is his latest project Heron relief.

Submitted by Larry Desler

Colonial Pie safe made with traditional methods of the time except used pocket screws instead of mortise and tenon.

Submission by Mule Skinner Woodworking

This project was sanded and polished the top down to 2000 grit. Also included was 12 coats of poly and a lot of exercise. The Shooting Star Music Box plays "Castle in the Sky." The lid is made of hickory with purpleheart and maple trim. The flower is purpleheart, holly, yellow heart and wenge. The stems are curupixa and the leaves are blue-stained pine with curupixa veins. The box is leopardwood with purpleheart feet and keys. The inside lid is veneer marquetry. The bottom is alder with sapelle veneer and felt lining. The dense leopardwood box amplifies the sound from the 18 note Sankyo movement.

Submission by Michael E

A slab purchased from our Cary store used to build this project for his daughter’s first apartment!

Submission by Ed Loughrey

Ed completed this project from WOOD Magazine. It's an Iowa Class Battleship made from Cherry and Maple.

Submission by Bob S.

Bob built this one of a kind rocking motorcycle for his Grandson's 1st birthday. The bike detaches and can be used as a balance bike when he gets older.

Submission by Monique L.

Made with the Razertip Pyrography Kit.

Submission by Joshua Logan

Chessboard made of Purpleheart, Hard Maple, and a small Walnut band to divide the playing field from the border.

Submission by Walter Wogee

Walter loves building Maloof inspired rockers and has been making a few each year since he retired from teaching. This is a photo of a mesquite rocker with yellow heart accents and turquoise inlay with a mesquite natural edged side table.

Submission by Sam Stitcher

Wooden fly rod grips.

Submitted by Wayne Powell

Duck Call.

Submitted by Perry A. Reynolds

"Roses in Hand" - Hand carved in basswood and painted in acrylics. Hand finished natural.

Submitted by Nancy Bowman

Bradford Pear Tea Pot and matching cups painted.

Submitted by Gary Bakalik

Gary gave his 24 year old Mercedes-Benz a new paint job. He first began with 400 grit wet-dry, painted with base coat/clear coat and color sanded up to 2000 grit using Klingspor wet-dry sandpaper and finally buffed it out using a d/a sander.

Submitted by Michael Brackett

Hand turned from Black Walnut and Curly Maple purchased from Klingspor's Woodworking Shop.

Submitted by Mac Martin

The sculpture is a "layering" of spalded white oak,alder,walnut,red cedar and mahogany. The finish is hand rubbed poly applied two coats BEFORE assembly.

Submitted by Sam Stitcher

Made from cocobolo purchased from Klingspor's Woodworking Shop in Winston-Salem. The blank was 1"x1"x12". This wand has a pearl on one end.

Rob Wallace

Turned hollow form in Russian Olive; collar turned from hard maple, ebonized with black dye; lacquer finish. (approx. 8" diameter).

Rob Wallace

Turned and carved from yellowwood (Cladrastis lutea); lacquer finish. (ca. 9" diameter).

Submitted by Sam Stitcher

Made from the Tanglewood Wedding tree (oak). The lid has knots in it that give some interest to the bowl.

Rob Wallace

Turned and carved from cherry; Watco oil finish.

Rob Wallace

Turned and carved from mesquite.

Rob Wallace

Turned hollow form from Box Elder (Acer negundo); collar turned from African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon); lacquer finish. (Approx. 11" tall).

Rob Wallace

Turned from spalted maple; colored with aniline dyes and ink; lacquer finish. (11" diameter).

Submissions by Brad & Martyn

Brad Indicott finished a Goat Island Skiff this past June. Martyn Easton's beautiful Haven 12-1/2, finished in August after a 4-1/2 year build! LOTS of good Klingspor sandpaper used on this boat. Built in Lenoir, NC

Submitted by Sam Stitcher

Small bowl (2.625"H x 2.375"W) from a white ash tree cut down due to disease.

Submitted by John Elmy

Myrtlewood, sanded w/Klingspor abrasives, finish used was EEE Ultra Shine Paste Wax w/ Shellawax.