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Brent from LAI am not sure how you guys have pulled this off but please do not stop! I have used those cheap 100 pack sanding discs from the monster online retailer (name I will not mention but we all know what it is) for a few years now. Those discs were exactly what I paid for as the old saying goes "you get what you pay for." I was always a skeptic, thinking to myself "Ah, it's just sandpaper, how can it possibly have a higher quality?" I asked questions, did the research and I found Klingspor. Even after all that I was still skeptical, but one day a friend of mine gave me one of the bargain boxes; the one that has all sorts of styles and grits, just to see what all the fuss was about. His words were "Man, look, I see you struggling over here and you're just doing it all wrong. You really need to try these discs." That one little box of different types of paper outlasted and outperformed the other sanding discs by leaps and bounds. These discs are true results of "you get what you pay for!!" So much so in fact that I didn't even hesitate to just completely ditch all of the other "crap" and threw it in my scrap pile. That day I immediately came back to the site and spent my fair share of money replacing every sanding disc I had in my shop. To add praise even more - when I placed my order I was the one that goofed and accidentally put a different country for the order to be sent to. I got a call the following day from customer service and they were the ones that reached out to me to ask me if my order was really going out of the country! They were amazingly sweet about it; we had a good conversation and lots of laughing and within minutes of getting off the phone my shipping difference was refunded to me. With all that said I have to say I am more than happy to sit here and write a review of my wonderful experience with this company and the absolutely superior product that comes from them. I am and will always be a loyal customer to such a company. Wait... there is more!! The "standard" shipping they offer was faster and way better packed than the "ones we don't speak of." I wish more companies out there would look into the way things are run with this business and learn how it's properly done! Thank you guys keep up the good work! Stay Sharp and Cut Up!
Morris from VAWHAT HAVE YOU GUYS DONE !!!!! I have just finished up a sixty bowl commission varying in size from 11 to "19" and I used primarily the 5 inch latex disc you recently sent and either the wood (cherry, oak, walnut, and maple) was exceptionally friendly or you guys have upgraded your latex, but I sailed through sanding this order like it was already sanded. I have been using your latex since you introduced it to me a couple of years ago and it was impressive then, but NOW.. it is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Natasha, Lyons, ILBest customer service I have dealt with in a long time. I cannot say enough except thank you for listening and working with me.
James, Grant, MILove this company!! I have been buying all my sandpaper from Klingspor for more than a decade. Their sanding belts out last any store bought belts I have bought in an emergency. Their shipping is one of the fastest of all the online companies that I purchase from, which are many. I ordered two separate orders two days ago and they arrived today. They have one of the best selections of, as my wife says, “tooly” things, on the market!
Janice, Landrum, SCI just wanted to say thank you to Klingspor's Woodworking Shop of Asheville for hosting the class this weekend with Bill Johnson. Bill Johnson is a Professional Chip Carver and in my opinion, an excellent instructor. I was looking forward to taking this class for over a month. The class went well beyond all of my expectations and more. I'm new to the carving world and have only taken a 2 hour chip carving class prior to taking Bill's class. It was an excellent instruction from Bill on chip carving. Bill took us from a short history of chip carving, sharpening the knife, learning how to hold the knife, to the tools used in creating a chip carving, and finally to practicing some techniques of chip carving. At the end of the second day of class we had a finished a project to take home.
Joe, New Castle, PAI have bought the sanding belts before. I get good wear out of the belts so I decided to give them another try. Cannot beat the price and delivery time was amazing. I am keeping the website so I can reorder when needed. Thanks for the service.
Randy, Asheville, NCTo those who are trying to choose between a stone grinding wheel or a CBN Stainless Steel grinding wheel. I advise go ahead and spend the money for the CBN wheel. Your woodturning tools will have a better and sharper grind and that will give you a great cut on your wood. After I bought my CBN wheel, my woodturning has improved to the point where I am able to make my bowls easier. Don't waste your time and money with the stone grinding wheel. You will not be disappointed with the CBN wheel. Get the 180 grit!
Ken, Ogden, UTEasy to order, great product, and and and lightning fast shipping.
Mary, Asheville, NCI just wanted to send a bid thank you to all of the wonderful men at the Asheville store that helped me purchase a lathe for my husband. You have all been so kind and helpful. With your help, I will be able to continue to find woodworking tools my husband will love.
AnonymousI want to express my appreciation and thanks to the best customer service company I have ever dealt with. I had a problem (totally my son's fault) but when I contacted Klingspor's Woodworking Shop to see if it was possible to find a solution they went above and beyond to take care of it and make sure it was corrected. I wish I could express how refreshing and great it feels to know that there are companies out there that really believe that the customer comes first. Thank you for all the time and effort you took to help my son.