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Famowood Mahogany Wood Filler, 6oz

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  • Famowood Mahogany Wood Filler, 6oz
  • Famowood Mahogany Wood Filler, 6oz
  • Famowood Mahogany Wood Filler, 6oz
  • Famowood Mahogany Wood Filler, 6oz
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Famowood is one of the most respected names in wood fillers. Along with our sanding and finishing products, a great wood filler is essential for making your projects look their best. Filling of small holes, dents and even tearouts is no problem. Plus, it dries fast and may be treated just like wood-sand it, plane it, saw it and drill it. Famowood is easily sanded and accepts most stains better than other wood fillers on the market. For the real thing, Famowood is the only way to go.


Is FAMOWOOD Wood Filler easy to use?
Yes. FAMOWOOD Wood Filler requires no mixing; Spreads smoothly and evenly into small or large & defects in unfinished wood.

How long does it take for FAMOWOOD Wood Filler to dry?
FAMOWOOD Wood Filler dries in 30 minutes. Once dry, it acts just like real wood and is ready to sand, saw, stain, nail, paint or plane.

What makes FAMOWOOD Wood Filler unique?
FAMOWOOD Wood Filler has a high solid content of wood flour and takes stains and paints like real wood because it is made of real wood.

Will FAMOWOOD Wood Filler shrink or crack?
No. FAMOWOOD Wood Filler shows no signs of shrinkage, cracking or crumbling and can be used indoors or outside, making it ideal for any custom projects.

Will FAMOWOOD Wood Filler match the existing color?
Yes. FAMOWOOD Wood Filler is available in 18 colors to match any unfinished wood species.

Instructions for Safe Use

Follow these step-by-step directions when using FAMOWOOD Original Wood Filler:

  1. Test small area before use.
  2. Surface must be clean and dry.
  3. Allow contents to dry thoroughly before sanding (30 minutes).
  4. Accepts most water-based and oil-based stains.
  6. For deep repairs, allow 1st layer to dry before applying subsequent layers. Replace lid tightly.
  7. Use FAMOWOOD Wood Filler to restore.

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