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  • 3" Forstner Bit

    3" Forstner Bit

    These larger bits are production tools designed for use on a drill press. Large saw-toothed Forstner Bits have a 1/2" shank and measure 6-1/4" long. Each bit comes in an individual wooden box...

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  • 3" Quick Coupler

    3" Quick Coupler

    2-5/16" ID 3" threaded on one end to fit inside 3" hose Flared on the other to fit 3" fittings without the need for clamps. This acts as a quick connect/disconnect.

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  • 3" Splice

    3" Splice

    This is an accessory for the Delta Dust Collector. Splices round out our full line of special fittings for dust collection systems . Used to connect sections of hose for longer runs or to utilize...

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  • 3" T Connector

    3" T Connector

    T-fittings provide the option of adding branches to a system to service each machine in a shop. T's are very helpful when space or design constraints prohibit the use of Y's. Specifications: ...

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  • 3in To 2in Reducer 3" To 2" Reducer

    3" To 2" Reducer

    These fittings provide a step down from a larger main line to smaller branch lines. This stepdown increses air velocity near the machine where it's needed most. Specifications: Outer Diameters: ...

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  • 3in To 2-1/2in Reducer 3" To 2-1/2" Reducer

    3" To 2-1/2" Reducer

    We engineered the inside diameter of the 2-1/2" side of each of these fittings to duplicate the 2-1/2" opening on your shop-vac. Insert the shop-vac brand hose to the vac and the other end to one of...

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  • 3" Y Connector

    3" Y Connector

    Y's are used to attach branch lines to service more than one machine. This design provides increased lateral air flow and efficiency over other types of fittings. Specifications: Outer Diameter: ...

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