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  • 3" Y Connector

    3" Y Connector

    Y's are used to attach branch lines to service more than one machine. This design provides increased lateral air flow and efficiency over other types of fittings. Specifications: Outer Diameter: ...

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  • 3-1/8" Forstner Bit

    3-1/8" Forstner Bit

    These larger bits are production tools designed for use on a drill press. Large saw-toothed Forstner Bits have a 1/2" shank and measure 6-1/4" long. Each bit comes in an individual wooden box...

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  • 4" - 90 Deg. Elbow

    4" - 90 Deg. Elbow

    Elbows are necessary whenever ductwork changes direction, such as from a dust collector to an overhead main line, or when connecting individual machines to branch lines. Specifications: Outer...

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  • 4" Blast Gate Quick Coupling

    4" Blast Gate Quick Coupling

    This gate mounts directly onto 4" Y's, T's, elbows, and splicers reducing the number of hose clamps, short pieces of hose and potential air leaks in your dust collection system. Opposing side fits...

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  • 4" Blastgate

    4" Blastgate

    This is an accessory for the Delta Dust Collector. Outside dimensions: 3-7/8; Inside dimensions: 3-5/8. Used in every dust collection system to control air flow from one machine to another,...

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