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Woodworking Extravganza

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Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Extravaganza is held in October at the Hickory Metro Convention Center in Hickory, NC. Visit our Woodworking Extravaganza Blog to see highlights from our past shows.

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  • Show Specials, giveaways & expert advice throughout the event from 45+ vendors
  • Grand prize & door prizes
  • Free parking, admission, apples, & live demos/classes
  • - How to: Light sabers on the lathe, Golf Tee Puzzle Game Scroll Saw, Pyrography, Sharpening, and Hand Plane Use demos
  • Woodcrafters Club Booth
  • Marquetarians of the Carolinas
  • Carolina Scrollers
  • Western Piedmont Woodcrafters
  • NC Woodturner's Association: Hands on instruction on working on the lathe - Learn to Turn a Pen
  • Powermatic w/Nick Cook Demos
  • Chainsaw Carving w/Randy Everett
  • Digital Carver Demos
  • Michele Parsons: Wood Artist Demos
  • Freud and Mohawk Booths w/Special Promos
  • Western Piedmont Community College student projects
  • Plant Tours - KLINGSPOR Abrasives
  • Jerry Measimer - Turning Demos
  • Hickory Museum of Art Youth Activities
  • Morris Schlesinger Demos: Fluting - both Spiralling and straight flutes - both days, Sharpening 101 - using Trend Diamond stones, and Turning of Bowls - From Log to Bowl
  • Catawba Valley Woodcarver Competition
14th Annual Extravaganza Highlights

The Hickory Museum of Art provided youth activities at the 14th Annual Extravaganza

Catawba Valley Woodcarvers Competition

14th Annual Show and Competition was held October 17, 2015 in Hickory, NC at the Hickory Metro Convention Center. It was held in conjunction with the 15th Annual Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Extravaganza.

Catawba Valley Woodcarvers

2015 Catawba Valley Wood Carvers Club Top Winners

Category #34 - SWAP
  • 1st Frank Freer
  • 2nd Dwayne Gosnell
  • 3rd Mitch Cartledge
Best of Show Theme
  • 1st Neil Zyp
  • 2nd Steve Robertson
  • 3rd Dottie Sabo
Best of Novice
  • 1st David Quine Wood spirit
  • 2nd Eugene Cleveland Cowboy
  • 3rd Paul Desrosiers Chip Carved Candle Box
Best of Intermediate
  • 1st Rufus Rowland Red-Tailed Hawk
  • 2nd Peter Gendle Cotton Wood Bark House
  • 3rd Jim Horn Gun Rack With Long Guns
Best of Open
  • 1st Jim Carpenter Red-Tailed Hawk
  • 2nd Mike Bennnett Wolf
  • 3rd Jeff Kleineick Assassin's Creed Conner

Jim Carpenter

(1) First Best of Open - Red-Tailed Hawk

Mike Bennett

(2) Second Best Open - Wolf

Jeff Kleineick

(3) Third Best in Open - Assassin's Creed Caricature

Rufus Rowland

(4) First Best of Intermediate - Red-Tailed Hawk

Peter Gendle

(5) Second Best of Intermediate - Cottonwood Bark House

Jim Horn

(6) Third Best of Intermediate - Gun Rack w/Long Guns

David Quine

(7) First Best of Novice - Wood Spirit

Eugene Cleveland

(8) Second Best of Novice - Cowboy Caricature

Paul Desrosiers

(9) Third Best of Novice - Chip Carved Candle Box

Neil Zyp

(10) First Best of Show Theme - Bear

Steve Robertson

(11) Second Best of Show Theme - Alligator

Dottie Sabo

(12) Third Best of Show Theme - Giraffe

Steve Robertson

(13) Purchase Award Ducks - Mallard Drake

Dwayne Gosnell

(14) Purchase Award Caricature - Miner

Mitch Cartledge

(15) Purchase Award Santa

Tim Trudgeon

(16) Purchase Award Wood Spirit

Darlene Tarlton

(17) Purchase Award Minitures - Rabbit

Mitch Cartledge

(18) First Best of Swap - CCA Man

Dwayne Gosnell

(19) Second Best of Swap - Caricature Man on Stool

Frank Freer

(20) Third Best of Swap - Chain Ornament

Mark Blevins

(21) Pine Cone Santa Ornament

Richard Grant

(22) Ruffed Grouse

Richard Grant

(23) Canvas Blue Bill Decoy

Max Shaver

(24) Wood Spirit

Max Shaver

(25) Wood Spirit

Larry Ellenburg

(26) Wood Spirit

Beth Parkam

(27) Grebe

Shorty Menendez

(28) Cottonwood Bark House

Dwayne Gosnell

(29) Forest Furniture Caricature

Sean Brenner

(30) Songbird

Steve Robertson

(31)Black Skimmer

Mickie Bouzon

(32) Kestrel

Darlene Tarlton

(33) Charlotte's Pig

Thomas Hess

(34) Decoys