Talon Chuck Kit w/ 1-8 Adapter
    Talon Chuck Kit w/ 1-8 Adapter Image
    Talon Chuck Kit w/ 1-8 Adapter Image

Talon Chuck Kit w/ 1-8 Adapter

Item #: ON2985B

Product Description

The body diameter of this chuck is 3-1/2" which is slightly smaller than the original Oneway Scroll chuck. The body design follows that of the Stronghold key operated chuck. This snappy little Talon chuck takes the same adaptor as the Oneway chuck and weighs 3.4 pounds with the adaptor installed. This Talon chuck is designed with the same principles of it's larger counterparts. The following are all standard features:

  • Quality Materials
  • Nickel plated body
  • Hardened Base Jaws
  • Manganese phosphate coated scroll

This wouldn't classify as a Oneway chuck if it didn't include our patented over extension preventor system as well as our profile jaw design. It is also our first production run of chucks which have a revolutionary zig-zag base jaw slide design. This base jaw design gives 50% more contact area which adds to the longer life and easier operation of the chuck.

Weighing in at 3.4 pounds, it is considerably lighter than the Stronghold chuck which makes it a very desirable chuck for mini and mid size lathe owners who want a power grip, key operated chuck.

1-8 Adapter included


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