Sorby Easybeader 1/2" (814H)
Sorby Easybeader 1/2

Sorby Easybeader 1/2" (814H)

$44.96 $49.95
Item #: SZ00072

Product Description

The easybeader is a unique yet simple tool to cutting a series of consistent and regular beads. Originally conceived by a production turner it allows for easy replication of designs like bee-hive boxes, and honey dippers. Because of its shape the turner can move quickly from one bead to the next safe in the knowledge that both size and spacing will be the same.

Useful tips:

  • When using an easybeader manipulate it like a scraper
  • Sharpen the easybeader with a diamond hone on the top face

This tool has a handle.

GTIN:  011514024123


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