Bosch Plunge Base / Colt Router
Bosch Plunge Base / Colt Router Image

Bosch® Colt® Router Plunge Base Accessory

Item #: BO01111

Product Description

  • Compatible with Bosch PR20EVS and PR10E Colt™ Palm Router motors
  • Smooth plunge action
  • Plunge lock release lever - Conveniently located to allow maximum control, springs to locked position for use of use
  • 7-step adjustable depth stop turret plus microfine adjustment on depth rod - For fast, accurate bit depth setting
  • Fine adjustment on depth rod - For accurate depth setting
  • Transparent subbase - Enhanced visibility
  • Precision Centering Design - Makes it easy to keep bit on intended cutline when using jigs, templets, dovetail fixtures and similar guidance devices
  • Accepts RA1126 Tool-free Templet Guide Adapter (sold separately) - Fast and easy templet guide changes
  • Contoured softgrip handles - Provides enhanced control and comfort
  • 2" subbase opening - Accepts bit cutters up to 1-1/4" in diameter and optional templet guide adapter
  • Tool-free conversion - Quick clamp system allows motor to be easily moved from base to base
  • Will not fit the new Bosch Colt Palm Router VS 1.25HP Item # BO12500

GTIN:  000346437164


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