Fuji Semi-Pro 2 Stage HVLP System
Fuji Semi-Pro 2 Stage HVLP System Image

Fuji Semi-Pro 2 Stage HVLP System

Item #: HVL-2202

Product Description

To meet the growing demand of the DIY market, Fuji Spray® has introduced the most powerful 2-stage system on the market. The Fuji Spray Semi-PRO 2™ HVLP Spray System offers features like no other in its price range.

The Fuji M-Model™ Spraygun has professional features such as Non-Bleed and a Fan Control Knob to adjust pattern size from small circular to wide (and all increments in between). A super-powerful 1400 watt 2-stage Bypass Motor in Metal Turbine Case with handy Gun Holder. HVLP Systems typically feature low wattage motors that are underpowered for most spraying. Our 1400 watt 2-stage version can handle any type of coating. The Semi-PRO 2™ is for the DIY/serious user. Quick Connect Coupler and Air Control Valve plus 20 page User Manual included.

  • Spraygun: M-Model™
  • Aircap Set: .051" (1.3mm)
  • Nozzle & Needle: Stainless Steel
  • Cup Capacity: 1 Quart (1000cc)
  • Cup Type: Quick Release (Lever)
  • Hi-Flex™ Hose: 25ft (7.6m)
  • Motor Type: 2-Stage - 1400 watt
  • Air Filters (2): Washable
  • Turbine Dimensions: 11" x 8.6" x 8.1"
  • Metric Dimensions: 28cm x 22cm x 20.5cm
  • System Weight: 25.2lbs (11.5kg)
  • Warranty: 24 Months - Parts & Labor

What's included with every Fuji Semi-PRO 2™ System?
The Turbine, M-Model™ Spraygun with Cup, 25ft Hose with Quick-Connect, Air Control Valve, User Manual, Viscosity Cup, Wrench, Cleaning Brush. In other words... everything except the paint.

GTIN:  612850022028


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