Flexcut Cutter Set 4pk
Flexcut Cutter Set 4pk Image

Flexcut Cutter Set 4pk

Item #: RG310

Product Description

At last, Flexcut quality tools for reciprocating power carvers. The same low resistance cutting edge that Flexcut is known for, now allows your Ryobi, Proxxon, or Auto Mach carver to work less and carve more. These tools work great with the power off, just imagine what they can do when you turn it on. Use our brass adapters included with each set for use with Ryobi and Auto Mach HTC-30 machines.

Kit includes:

  • 3/8" sweep, 5/16" sweep, 1/4" parting tool, & 1/8" sweep

GTIN:  009395310008


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