Razertip Pen 1/64" Ball Stylus F99-004
    Razertip Pen 1/64
    Razertip Pen 1/64

Razertip® 1/64" Ball Stylus (F99-004) Fixed Tip Pen

Item #: RZ00015

Product Description

  • Pen 99.004 - 0.4mm (1/64") Ball Stylus
  • Ball Stylus 0.4mm - Fixed Tipped Pen
  • 1/64" Steel ball fused onto this tip gives a perfect writing or burnishing point. Ideal for fine shading, writing, etc.
  • Use of heavy duty cord is recommended. The brass brush #HB58 is perfect for cleaning these tips.
  • Available as: Standard pen, standard tip only

GTIN:  628075903257


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